ACUITY Shifter Rocker Upgrade for the 10th Gen Civic

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Narrower Gates, Less Play, Stiffer Feel: Refining your Civic's shifting system is a great way to add a sporty feel that will put a smile on your face every time you...

Narrower Gates, Less Play, Stiffer Feel:

Refining your Civic's shifting system is a great way to add a sporty feel that will put a smile on your face every time you go for a drive. The ACUITY Shifter Rocker Upgrade for the 10th Gen Honda Civic can be appreciated as much during street driving as at the track. Altered geometry reduces the mechanical advantage of the rocker to provide narrower, stiffer gates. Much like how a short throw adapter reduces the distance in the forward and reverse direction while changing gears, this Shifter Rocker Upgrade reduces the distance in the left and right direction while changing gears (such as 2 to 3, 4 to 5, etc). The OEM plastic has been replaced with billet 6061-T6 aluminum construction. This makes for a much stiffer part, meaning less flex when shifting forcefully and better feedback from the transmission during shifts. Additionally, ACUITY's unique joint designs at the main pivot and spherical joint incorporate low-friction, self-lubricating bushings that are designed to reduce friction in the shifter while naturally eliminating any gaps between parts in the joint. This allows the joint to wear-compensate over time, meaning the rocker will age gracefully and provide many years of use, abuse, and happy shifting. Class 10.9 steel hardware and an aluminum bushing replace the factory snap-in feature, further reducing free play. This pairs very well with Acuity's Shifter Base Bushings (1914), Shifter Centering Spring Upgrade (1918), and Short Throw Adapter (1923, coming June 2018).

A packet of silicone grease is included with each kit to help lubricate the o-rings before installation into the shifter. It is not necessary to grease the spherical joint or hinge.


What to expect:

On the Civic Si and Sport models
, this Shifter Rocker Upgrade will reduce gate spacing by approximately 11% and will stiffen the lateral action of the shifter. Additionally, stiffness in the left/right motion will increase, feeling more rigid, and free play in the left/right direction will be reduced.

On the Civic Type R, this Shifter Rocker Upgrade will reduce gate spacing by approximately 5% and will stiffen the lateral action of the shifter. Additionally, stiffness in the left/right motion will increase, feeling more rigid, and free play in the left/right direction will be reduced.

Below is an illustration of how the gate spacing changes after installation. Note that the spacing change is exaggerated in the image to make the effect clear.



    • 2016+ Honda Civic (all 6mt)
    • 2017+ Honda Civic Si 
    • 2017+ Civic Type R

    Video Install Guide for 1922:

    (for a PDF Guide, visit )


    Product Review by @Pawinning

    (This is a sponsored review. Pawinn was asked to provide honest feedback and a review after several months of use, to comment on durability)


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Much more than i anticipated

    I thought this was only going to shorten the length between the gates but it did much more. The shifter feels a lot more solid and no longer I have gear crunches. It reduced a lot of issues with my shifter. I would definitely get everything they have for the 10th gen. Each part compliments the other in some ways. I fell in love on how my car feels every time I have to change gears :) Thanks Acuity!


    ACUITY Shifter Rocker Upgrade for the 10th Gen Civic

    Shifter rocker

    Great upgrade for the Type R shifter assembly, even better on an Si. Solid construction makes the shifting experience even better especially from 2nd-3rd. Pair this with the shifter spring upgrade to remove the lateral slack of the stock shifter.


    I am coming from a sport MT. I can't really say much for the shifter rocker it self but I installed it with shifter bushing, base bushing, and spring. My shifters feels tighter and smoother. Thanks Acuity

    Immediate change

    As usual Acuity delivers exactly what they state. I have every Acuity shifter related mod for my CTR. This was a great addition. Once it was installed, I immediately noticed a difference. The shifts between 23 and 45 feels seamless now.
    Install was straight forward thanks to their online tutorials. If you haven’t got every shifting mod they make yet, I would advise you do it all at once. You won’t regret it

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