Hall Effect Throttle Position Sensor for EP3's 01-05 Honda Civic Si and CTR

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Seasoned mechanics and gear heads know that more often than not, OEM replacement parts are more reliable than aftermarket parts. Unfortunately, anyone who has searched for an OEM replacement for a...

Seasoned mechanics and gear heads know that more often than not, OEM replacement parts are more reliable than aftermarket parts. Unfortunately, anyone who has searched for an OEM replacement for a ACURA RSX-S or Civic Si throttle position sensor (TPS) knows that Acura/Honda only sells them as part of the throttle body with a steep list price of over $800 USD. Aftermarket alternatives have existed for years, but all that was available until now were poorly made copies and expensive adapted versions of other sensors. That's why ACUITY designed a replacement TPS from scratch. Instead of using the OEM wiper-style design, we used modern hall effect technology to provide improved reliability and accuracy. Combine this with a tastefully designed, nylon composite injection molded housing and you have an incredibly durable design. Tested to over 2 million cycles, every design element in the ACUITY TPS was chosen to provide an improvement over the OEM design. It's no coincidence that the ACUITY TPS looks a bit different than its OEM counterpart, that's because it is. The hall effect technology used provides a contactless design that reduces wear and tear while offering a smaller form factor and reduced weight.

The Benefits of Hall Effect:

Before the introduction of drive-by-wire throttle bodies, Honda used wiper-style variable resistors to measure throttle position. These OEM sensors and the many re-branded, low-quality sensors that look like them are prone to premature wear and unsteady measurements due to engine vibrations. Designed by engineers with a background in Formula 1 and LMP racing, the ACUITY hall effect sensor uses a contactless design that is highly resistant to vibrations, meaning it will give you reliable readings for many years. In addition, since the ACUITY Hall-Effect TPS is equipped with an on-board signal processor, the voltage output is incredibly smooth and consistent. The end result is improved engine responsiveness at tip-in, improved idle, and improved throttle response, especially on vehicles with stiffer than stock engine mounts.

  • Contactless Hall-Effect technology provides increased precision and reliability over wiper-style designs
  • Fiber-reinforced composite housing is more durable than OEM sensors
  • Integral o-ring seal replaces the low-quality OEM style paper gasket.
  • Durable, rolled connector pins will not become damaged during installation like many aftermarket alternatives
  • Extended calibration range ensures each sensor can be calibrated exactly within the OEM range


  • 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S
  • 2001-2005 Honda Civic Si
  • 2002-2006 JDM Honda Integra Type-R

    Customer Reviews

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    TPS on UK Civic Gen 7 Type-S

    Used the TPS for the US civic Si. Fits perfectly as it's the same K20A3 engine. My type-S had done 90k miles and the TPS was shot. It was actually causing a Lambda fault code due to fuelling errors. The car is now much more driveable at low throttle, and seems much more eager to accelerate
    It really is like driving a different car. Two minor improvements would be to use torx or hex sockets for the mounting screws rather than Philips, as access is very tight and a screwdriver is the wrong tool. The other improvement would be to the calibration harness; I was worried about shorting the 5V to ground due to the exposed terminals being very close together when probing. I bared a different section of the cable in order to get a probe on safely. The actual finished result is faultless. Well done guys.

    Can't find a better one.

    Can't find a better Tps on the market for Ep3 and dc5 k20a series cars. Response is amazing and so is the accuracy of this unit much better than oem or other replacement options.definitely suggest getting the calibration harness Made calibrating this a cake walk.

    Great Product. Quickly shipped

    Great Product. Quickly shipped. Was having stutter/hesitation due to a failing TPS sensor. Checking out the readings with K pro Hondata software and determined that the TPS was going. Read the reviews on amazon for this product and gave it a shot. Fixed the problem immediately. My car now runs smoother and accelerates quicker then before. Would recommend to anyone with K series TPS issues.

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