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9th Gen Civic Stage 2 Shift Kit

The kit represents the best of the best when it comes to 9th Gen Civic shifting upgrades. We've coupled our incredibly rigid, highly adjustable, high-precision short shifter with our innovative spherical shifter cable bushings with optional shift knob of your choosing.

If you like a very still centering action, consider adding our upgraded transmission select springs for a sportier centering feel.

Our 1924 shift boot collar is not required on Si's, but it's a great way to customize your shift boot or to correct a broken shift boot collar. One the base model, one of the 1924 shift boot collars is required in order to run an aftermarket shift knob like the ESCO.

Please note that while this kit is compatible with the Si and base model civics, the optional transmission springs are compatible with the Si only. Do not purchase the optional springs if you are planning to install this kit on a base model.