9th Gen Civic Stage 2 Shift Kit

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Bundle and save! The kit represents the best of the best when it comes to 9th Gen Civic shifting upgrades. We've coupled our incredibly rigid, highly adjustable, high-precision short shifter with...

Bundle and save!

The kit represents the best of the best when it comes to 9th Gen Civic shifting upgrades. We've coupled our incredibly rigid, highly adjustable, high-precision short shifter with our innovative spherical shifter cable bushings and timeless ESCO stainless steel core, acetal knob. If you like a very still centering action, you can add our upgraded transmission select springs for a small additional fee. Each kit comes with a free 9th Gen #oem2pointoh t-shirt, available in multiple sizes from small to 2XL. Please note that while this kit is compatible with the Si and base model civics, the optional transmission springs are compatible with the Si only. Do not purchase the optional springs if you are planning to install this kit on a base model.


About the ACUITY Adjustable Short Shifter for the 2012-2015 Honda Civic


  • 10%-50% Adjustable reduction in gear throw compared to stock
  • 5%-35% Adjustable reduction in gate throw compared to stock
  • Knob height adjustable +25mm/-15mm compared to stock
  • Heat-treated aluminum frame for lightweight compliance reduction
  • Honed bushings and compression bushings reduce backlash
  • Stiffer, over-wound spring improves centering action
  • Includes aluminum base bushings


2012-2015 Honda Civic Si
2012-2015 Honda Civic Base Model (North American, Manual Transmission Only)

Note: Does not fit 2012-2015 Civic Type R. Compatibility with other models unconfirmed.


Easily the most capable shifter available for the 9th Gen Civic, the beauty of the ACUITY 9th Gen shifter is due in part to the careful attention to detail that went into its design. The shifter's frame is built from anodized, cold formed, heat-treated aluminum for improved rigidity and light weight. Stiff, 304 stainless steel cable mounting points reduce lost motion due to frame compliance. A large-diameter, aluminum pivot ball in a pre-loaded ptfe spherical race provides smooth shifting motion with minimal friction. Centering is quick and decisive compliments of a thick, overwound centering spring. Adjustments are provided at both cable attachment points to allow for careful adjustment of gear throw and gate spacing to let you tune your ideal H-pattern. And to top it all off, the knob is both height and position adjustable. Each shifter comes supplied with a boot collar and will fit under your console and into your shift boot just like your OEM shifter. A set of anodized aluminum base bushings and Class 10.9 mounting screws are supplied for shifter mounting.

About the ACUITY Shifter Cable Bushings for the 2012-2015 Honda Civic

Years of experience have taught the engineers at ACUITY that there are many elements to a refined, responsive shift. Compliance from flimsy components in the shift linkage leave the driver feeling detached from the transmission. ACUITY combats this by replacing the OEM rubber bushings with much stiffer Acetal and 6061-T6 Aluminum. A large-diameter, custom spherical bearing minimizes long-term wear and tear while eliminating the binding that is caused by most aftermarket solid shifter cable bushings. Loose fitting components also contribute to a poor shifting feel. That's why ACUITY uses integral o-rings on the outside of each bushing to provide a perfect fit with your OEM cables. Tested on street cars, track cars, and ACUITY's unreasonably violent shifter testing machine, these bushings are designed to be robust and proven to last. Each bushing kit is laser etched with a unique serial number and includes stainless steel hardware to help prevent long-term corrosion, keeping your bushings looking great even longer. And if all of that isn't impressive enough, the bushings are over 20% lighter than their OEM counterparts, weighing in at only 48 grams (with hardware).

About the ACUITY ESCO Shift Knob for the 2012-2015 Honda Civic

Heavy shift knobs have long been regarded as a way to improve shifter feel by many tuners. The truth is, a heavy knob simply hides slop in a worn or flawed shifter and shift linkage. ACUITY designed the ESCO with the hopes of providing a more refined shift that makes the driver feel more connected to the transmission, and ultimately the car. This was done by use of a barrel-shaped acetal outer shell and a large, stainless steel threaded core. This gives the knob a mid-weight at around 172g...about the same as an aluminum knob of a similar size. The difference between the ESCO and an aluminum knob becomes most apparent on hot summer days. The ESCO knob remains cool tot he touch on days when an aluminum knob would be scolding hot. To top it all off, ACUITY has added epoxy filled lettering to the top of the knob and an engraved logo at the knob's base. The finished appearance is simply classic, showing obvious inspiration from supercars of years gone by. For the best shifting experience, pair your ESCO knob with ACUITY's shifter linkage bushings and/or performance shifter.


About the (Optional) ACUITY Transmission Select Spring Upgrade for the 2012-2015 Honda Civic

Honda officially calls these the "First-2nd Select Spring" and "Fifth-Sixth Select Spring." They are the parts in your transmission that are (partially) responsible for your shifter centering itself when in neutral. By increasing the rate and preload of these springs, it's possible to realize a more decisive centering action for a sportier shift. ACUITY's K-Series Transmission Performance Spring Upgrade uses thicker wire and additional preload to provide a very satisfying, quick centering motion. This mod is particularly attractive because it provides such a noticeable change at a rather low price. If you believe you'd like a much stiffer centering action for your shifter, these may be for you. If you prefer easy left/right motion without much stiffness, we recommend you try our short shifter without these springs before deciding if you want them.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

What a great product! It took me around a hour and a half to install. Shifting is now so much better and has such a better feeling driving the car. Shift gate and throw is totally adjustable and allows for customization to your liking. I look forward to telling all of my car enthusiast friends about this product and other products from Acuity. I will definitely be trying out the other products for my 9th gen!

Money can buy happiness

This is by far the best addition I’ve made to my 9thgen. It’s a completely different feel to the car. The instructions make it really easy as well, and while I was nervous to drop the money....IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Don’t hesitate, it’s worth it!


Just installed today and I can't realy put into words how happy I am with it. I ordered this primarily because my 1-2 shift always felt like I was breaking something, and at high rpms I got the shift lock out. I was between the em1 cmc and this as a starting point to remedy my shifting issues. I chose to start with this because shorter throw shifts are always nice right? So the only experience I have working on cars was a rally light instal on my Mini Cooper. I went on down to the auto shop on base to borrow their tools and give the instal a shot, 3.5 hours later I had it all done(spent quite a while adjusting the shifter and ended up just going shortest throw shortest gate). I went for a quick drive (too much traffic will try again tonight) and realized my feet are far to slow for my hand now, and I can slam that stick all around withought being afraid of breaking something. Now I'm even questioning if I need the em1 cmc (still haven't had a full redline shift yet so who knows). My only complaint is it now takes quite a bit of muscle to put it in reverse but next to all the pluses it can easily be chalked up to "cuz racecar". I most certainly recommend this to any si owner.

Best modification so far.

I've done the usual bolt ons and quite a bit of suspension work on my 2013 but this shifter and bushings (base and transmission cable) are by far the best change I've made on my car. Completely changed the driving feel of an already great car. Definitely recommend it to anyone with a 9th gen.


Thanks guys I love it

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