8th Gen Civic ACUITY Shifter Cable Bushing Upgrade (2007-2011)

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Brand: ACUITY Instruments

Your OEM Bushings Suck: Bad news: it's true. Honda intentionally makes their rubber shifter cable bushings very compliant in an effort to give the car a more tame feel. For many...

Your OEM Bushings Suck:

Bad news: it's true. Honda intentionally makes their rubber shifter cable bushings very compliant in an effort to give the car a more tame feel. For many drivers, that's ideal. Unfortunately, this disconnects the driver from feeling the transmission during shifts, often leading to missed shifts or slow shifting in racing conditions. A less compliant plastic or metal bushing is the ideal solution, but without a spherical bearing, the bushing will cause the cables to bind and fatigue. That's why ACUITY has designed this kit with a custom acetal and aluminum spherical bushing. Also unlike most bushings on the market, ACUITY's design incorporates elastomer rings to provide the best fit possible with your cables. Experience a solid, smooth shift that will make you fall in love with your car again.

Understanding the Science of that Perfect Shift Feel:

Years of experience have taught the engineers at ACUITY that there are many elements to a refined, responsive shift. Compliance from flimsy components in the shift linkage leave the driver feeling detached from the transmission. ACUITY combats this by replacing the OEM rubber bushings with much stiffer Acetal and 6061-T6 Aluminum. A large-diameter, custom spherical bearing minimizes long-term wear and tear while eliminating the binding that is caused by most aftermarket solid shifter cable bushings. Loose fitting components also contribute to a poor shifting feel. That's why ACUITY uses integral o-rings on the outside of each bushing to provide a perfect fit with your OEM cables. Tested on street cars, track cars, and ACUITY's unreasonably violent shifter testing machine, these bushings are designed to be robust and proven to last. Each bushing kit is laser etched with a unique serial number and includes stainless steel hardware to help prevent long-term corrosion, keeping your bushings looking great even longer. And if all of that isn't impressive enough, the bushings are over 20% lighter than their OEM counterparts, weighing in at only 48 grams (with hardware).



  • 2007-2011 Honda Civics with Manual Transmissions (Base and Si, DOES NOT FIT 2006 Civic)
  • 2012-2015 Honda Civics with Manual Transmissions (Base and Si)
  • 2016 Honda Civics with Manual Transmissions

Customer Reviews

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A must to have for better feeling of shifting gears

Great product.. Shifting into gears feel good and solid.. Does not feel soft/mushy going into gears anymore.. I use to hate to downshift into 2nd because it felt like the shift wasnt completely in or wasnt in.. Now that downshift feels great..


I came across this bushing in some of my 8th gen Facebook pages, 8/9th gen forum pages and a couple of YouTube reviews. At first I was a little scared of the price. But don't let the price push you away. Your paying for what you get! The product quality is A+ . This product is awesome. Totally worth it. It was easy to install. And also my daughter got a hold of one of the bushing clip and lost it. I email Acuity, and talked to Russ. Told him my situation. And he sent me one bushing clip for free, all i had to pay was shipping! AWESOME TEAMWORK!
The bushing made my shifter feel 40% percent tighter and smoother. To some its not much. But you can totally feel the difference. When you put the car in gear and move the shift knob side to side, I don't have much play anymore. I would totally get this product again and highly recommend for all my 8th and 9th gen members. And also WHY didn't Honda come with these bushing, out from factory then our weak stock bushings. And last but not least, when you get this product, PLEASE read in back of the box! Because Acuity really mean what they say!

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