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10th Gen Accord Stage 2 Shift Kit

Bundle and save!

If you're in search of a bit more refinement than our Stage 1 kit can offer, then this Stage 2 kit may be right up your alley. This kit includes our Shifter Rocker Upgrade (1932), Short Throw Adapter (1923), Shifter Centering Spring Upgrade (1918), Shifter Base Bushings (1930), and Shift Linkage Bushing Upgrade (1881). After installing this kit, you should notice a substantial change in shifting feel. Expect narrower gates, shorter throws, a substantial reduction in that "mushy" feeling at the end of shifts, as well as snappier centering action.

 IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Use of the ESCO knob on the Sport or CTR model may result in improper fitment of the shift boot under the shift knob. This can be corrected using one of our 1924 Boot Collar Upgrade kits.