01-05 Honda Civic

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K-Series Transmission Performance Select Springs

Honda officially calls these the "First-2nd Select Spring" and "Fifth-Sixth Select Spring." They are the parts in your transmission that are (partially) responsible for your shifter centering itself when in... Learn More

$ 26.00

-$ 28.00

Interior Panel and Trim Removal Tools

SPECS Comes with (4) unique pry tools The Right Way to Remove Interior Panels: Often when installing things like shifters, gauges, speakers, or other interior modifications, it becomes necessary to... Learn More

$ 10.00

-$ 12.00

Honda K-Series TPS Calibration Harness

Features: Allows easy calibration of Acura RSX-S, Honda EP3, and 07-12 CBR Throttle Position Sensors Fits between TPS and wiring harness Works with Acuity 1878 TPS for 07-12 CBR600 and... Learn More

$ 26.00

-$ 29.00

TPS & MAP Wiring Pigtail for Honda and Acura K-Series Engines

Get your wiring harness looking new again! Did you order an engine, just to find it had a damaged wiring harness? Or perhaps a tool slipped and damaged your TPS... Learn More

$ 13.00

-$ 15.00

Hall Effect Throttle Position Sensor for EP3's 01-05 Honda Civic Si and CTR

Seasoned mechanics and gear heads know that more often than not, OEM replacement parts are more reliable than aftermarket parts. Unfortunately, anyone who has searched for an OEM replacement for... Learn More

$ 95.00

-$ 99.00

Shifter Base Bushings for the '01-'05 Civic (non-Si)

SPECS Reduces compliance by replacing the OEM rubber bushings with solid aluminum Includes (4) upper bushings, (4) lower bushings, and (4) class 12.9 mounting bolts Purple anodized finish Laser etched... Learn More

$ 29.00

-$ 32.00